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Out of the Box into Stand Up Packaging

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 From out of the box into Stand Up Packaging, this seems to be a trend to go in this direction for snack foods.

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Start with #1 and work your way to #3, I have samples if you would like to get one from me, or you can order directly from David at ABC Packaging. David created this just for us.

This is a webinar what was produced for Food Entrepreneurs about the latest trends for stand up packaging. Not everyone is going to fit into this category, even if you just looked at the webinar series you may some something alternative for you.

If you look at chips and how they are packaged, now crackers are being packaged, this a vacuumed bag. Cakes, chocolates some stay in boxes, some are moving into, bags or pouches. The idea of a snack is spreading out into other foods. Would you say you snack more?

Stores look at the shelving, the display racks, the various areas where they can get more products visible. The store shelves are like real estate. The more the better.

How do you like your snack foods packaged? Have you ever given this much thought?
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Reduced packaging and sustainable packaging are becoming more frequent. The motivations can be government regulations, consumer pressure, retailer pressure, and cost control. Reduced packaging often saves packaging costs.

In the UK, a Local Government Association survey produced by the British Market Research Bureau compared a range of outlets to buy 29 common food items and found that small local retailers and market traders “produced less packaging and more that could be recycled than the larger supermarkets.”

After use, or after passing the “use by” date, any organic matter that is still in the food packaging needs to be separated from the packaging. This may also require rinsing of the food packaging.
Besides branding there are regulations you have to deal with, therefore it’s critical to maintain Food safety during processing, packaging, storage, logistics (including cold chain), sale, and use. Conformance to applicable regulations is mandatory. Some are country specific such as the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture; Food packaging considerations may include: use of Hazard analysis and critical control points, Verification and validation protocols, Good manufacturing practices, use of an effective Quality management system, Track and trace systems, and requirements for label content. Special Food contact materials are used when the package is in direct contact with the food product.

This is why it’s important to work with a packaging company that is ISO and QS Certified and FDA approved.

I hope you enjoyed the webinar, it will help you think about your products and perhaps your packaging challenges and more importantly who to go to.
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