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Pop Ups are One of the Best Ideas

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Pop Ups are one of the best ideas to explore and expand your food business, and when you add food it brings many more people together.

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Eventbrite just came out with a study about Pop-up’s of why they are so popular and why are they rising. Pop-up dinners are usually one time food events, in unexpected locations, you get to have a whole experience with the chef, sometimes a party theme is presented. Sometimes they are Underground dinners, collaborative dinners..it’s not just a dinner it’s a memorable experience.

Many Chef’s of whom I have met said, in the circles that they travel in, many are willing to pay $100 to $150 for a dinner. When you go to a restaurant it’s quite easy to spend this much on a nice dinner. At a pop-up experience people are willing to pay more, as it’s more of a memorable and fun experience.

69% are women, just over half 51% are millennials (ages 18-34 and they are affluent making $130,000+/year. They dine out frequently for dinner 2x a week. Plus, they’ll attend a pop-up dinner four times a year.

Nearly 60% say they go to pop-up food events simply because they enjoy the communal aspect, and would attend more events in this category if their friends are attending (55%), or there was some kind of social element (47%). These diners not only want to connect with their friends, but also enjoy the spontaneity of making new friends around a shared experience. Who doesn’t?

Pop-up experiences also provide an intimate atmosphere to get to know the makers and ingredients behind a meal—satiating the experiential diners’ desire to form a personal connection to their food, and go deeper than what can be gleaned from just reading a menu. 55% say they are more likely to attend if there is potential for a more personal interaction with the chef, and 49% would be interested in attending more of these events if local ingredients were used.

Here’s what guests are looking for from a pop-up event:
+ Casual 86%
+ Recommend by a friend 67%
+ Tickets in advance 80%
+ Guests spend time with people they know and those they don’t know is 50/50
+ Intimate gathering 82%
+ Fixed menu and price 54%
+ Non traditional venue 83%

**Eventbrite analyzed data from more than 40,000 food & beverage events on their platform..Then surveyed more than 2,000 attendees of pop-ups.

With all this shared information are you ready to participate in a Pop-Up? If you would like to be considered for a Tasting Pop-Up, fill out this form.

Be a part of a Food Tasting Experience
Inviting Food Entrepreneurs to join us in Pop-Up Tasting events.
One of the biggest challenges for food entrepreneurs is to get their food products into the hands of the consumer or buyer. In breaking free of the bottle-neck between producer and buyer we have decided to put together a variety of events to help those that don’t have BIG budgets of time and money.

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