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Talk about regrouping

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Talk about regrouping.. as you know we have a Indiegogo campaign going on for the Kitchen Incubator.

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It’s been challenging, let me tell you, even though I have people who said they’ll help me, some have some are well it’s your project!! I’m thinking to myself, didn’t I hear you say you would help promote it or you would share it or or?? I have also learned much. The crowdfunding platforms are becoming so popular that they themselves are becoming crowded.

The first thing I have to say is, after my experience with Indiegogo, I will not recommend them as a crowdfunding platform.

I have this saying, “You can’t complain when there is no service.” I’m disappointed, as they only do 24 hour emails, their answer is always, “Did you read this article?”

“Yes, and this doesn’t answer my question.”

Yet, because we choose to do the flexible plan – the total fees are 9% + visa charges. I expect at least a chat box for those fees.

I personally, had to re-group and figure what I was going to do next. this is where the re-grouping began. Then…Edie, sent me this video that CBS did a news broadcast about Kitchen Incubators..you can watch for yourself of what Food 4 Social Change is seeking funding for. (in case, you still want to contribute.)

I hope you enjoy, this news show..certainly a wonderful add, near the end of our campaign.

Thank you Edie, for picking up on this!

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