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Ready to join a Kitchen/Maker Cooperative?

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Are you ready to join a kitchen/maker cooperative? We are blazing the trail in developing an eco-system to support food producers.

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By being a member of the kitchen/maker cooperative, you’ll have the opportunity to use the kitchen and take advantage of other benefits. Most of the other food related coops are grocery stores. This is not what we want to create a Food 4 Social Change’s Kitchen/Maker Coop.

Memberships sit at the heart of the co-operative structure, this is what makes us different from other businesses other cooperative members are proud to be part of. There are over 8.3 Million coop members in the US.

As a member of the kitchen/maker coop, you’ll enjoy exclusive and regular offers which include:

* Shared Kitchen rentals for food producers
* Marketing services
* Food events – cooking classes, tasting events, pop-up dinners
* Members buying from each other
* Being a part of a business with shared values and principles
* Patronage profits
* A vote at the annual general meetings
* Collaborative partners

Cooperative Principles
Equity. Equality. Self-help. Self-responsibility. Democracy. Solidarity. These are the values on which the modern cooperative movement was founded and the basis for the organization of every cooperative enterprise in the world today.

If the economy needs more entrepreneurs to drive economic freedom and sustainability, then food/makers, entrepreneurs need the space and support to do so. A coop model offers all of this, which means by working together we to serve all of us. The contribution of entrepreneurs and members of a cooperative to a productive economy cannot be overstated.

Who is the Kitchen/Maker Coop for: It’s for people who produce food, nutritionists, Artists and people who want to be a part of a bold and vibrant business community. It’s meant for those who also support the values of what we are about as a Cooperative.

Here is a kitchen coop:
The Kitchen Coop, is a premier cooperative manufacturing facility & business incubator for the natural foods industry.

If this speaks to you why not join us? Help us build something that you will be proud to be a member of. We are blazing the trail to serve entrepreneurs.

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