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Food Labels: FDA Requires Them

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Food labels, FDA requires them. They are very important when starting a food business, implementing best business practices.

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It’s important to plan out a strategy that will help your business move forward. This strategy includes analyzing all the costs of production and implementing best business practices.

Another important factor to consider when starting a food business is the food packaging label. Many food producers, especially those new in the field, complain about the complexity of food labeling requirements that the agencies such as the FDA and different state health departments are prescribing. The penalties for inaccurate or technically incorrect food stickers can be severe, so it is in your best interest to label your food product according to FDA regulations.

In many cases proper labeling will require hiring a food labeling expert, but before that happens, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the food label and all the important labeling resources.

The following e-book on food labeling requirements is the perfect resource for beginning food producers, but it can also come in handy to more experienced business owners who have been in the food business long enough to know how ambiguous and difficult those requirements can be. The e-book is a simplified version of the FDA guidelines that summarizes all the important labeling information and includes links to all the right pages on the website that you should consult.

For example, it breaks down the food label into three important sections, lets you know which information is mandatory, which can be omitted and also discusses the new proposed changes to the food packaging label.

As far as non-mandatory information is concerned, it is perhaps wise to include it on your label, even though the FDA doesn’t require you to. For example, warning your customers about traces of allergens and including the “best before” date even though you are not obligated to, will probably create a better, trusting bond with your potential customers.

The amount of information that you want to display on your product will, of course, depend on the size of your food packaging. There are alternative ways to label small products, and this e-book will point you in the direction of all the sources of information you’ll need for your food product labeling endeavor.

Written by Dana Harris of Food Packaging Labels dot net. It’s great read and the e-book will serve you well.

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