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Pivoting is Good

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Since deciding that pivoting is good, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. The dust is settling, letting people fall away as they need to – and asking people to re-commit to the cause.

image from business work.com
image from business work.com

People are shifting, so are ideas, opportunities, in a space in-between, as as I once heard “We are in the middle of the hallway.” Light is seen at the end, it’s just a bit bumpy or dark right now. Sometimes it just waiting for the right people and resources to come together, the jelling part. I’ve been there before. When it does happen, it always is a better fit.

You can look at this same scenario in your personal life as you can at your projects and work. The hallway is there for a purpose. It allows you to rest – to surrender – and let yourself to get out of your own way.

We are preparing to gather people who want to make a difference in their local community, what a kitchen, producer, consumer coop maybe even adding an artist coop, can bring them for the betterment of all.

Yes, we want to serve those who need? or is it better to want? a local community that supports each other. Not just on a human perspective, also for the economic development – jobs, products and services that are needed. Underserved, the dis-infranchised who are perhaps not noticed as much – who really want what we are offering.

Let’s begin.. as a Multi-staked Cooperative there are many membership groups or circles that collaborate who join forces. As I can speak to this, for the past year I have been leading, not very effective at gathering people by myself.

What this coop idea needs are people who want it bad enough to say I’m in. Yes! I want to have the many benefits of what this coop will offer me. Giving of your time – yes you will be volunteering to get the foundation started – this is the first step. The second step, is getting people on board to pay a membership fee of $100. Third step is raising the money to build out a commercial kitchen, a space for offices, a gallery for artists, meeting/event space for fundraising and community usage.

By being an Ambassador and/or taking up a Interim board position. The articles of incorporation will be written up and the Steering Board will agree what is fair and just for the members.

This is what will be expected of you:

Meetings:  Monthly steering committee meetings will be held according to the schedule set annually by the committee. The Committee may break once annually as approved by the group. Meetings are always open for observation by FoodLab members and to interested non-members, as long as they are invited by a committee member and the full committee is notified at least one week in advance. Any sub-committees or work teams will meet as needed.

Length of term: The first term is one-year. Terms may be renewed in increments of 6-months, up to a total of three consecutive years. If appointed to fill an unexpired term, the steering committee member may serve three full years following the completion of the appointed term. All initial appointments, term renewals, and special circumstances must be approved by the incumbent board/committee.

Expectations of Steering Committee members:
Participate in at least 9 of 11 monthly steering committee meetings.

Fill out this form to become an Ambassador and or Interim Board member. Thank you!

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