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Share Fair coming to you soon..

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Share Fair coming to you soon in your community, it’s a peer to peer sharing fest.

share fair setting up

Thank you Rani Jayakumar and Peter Ruddock for putting together the Faire Share. The quarterly Share Faire is a gathering to promote sharing of stories, skills, and stuff. Bring garden produce, clothes, books and toys in good condition, and take what you want. (They are part of the Transition group Palo alto, CA)

What is a share fair? According to Wiki it’s all about sharing Peer 2 Peer collaborations, like the variety of ways below.
• Garden sharing
• Seed swap
• Crowd funding
• Peer-to-peer lending
• Virtual currency
Real estate
• Co-living
• Co-housing
• Collaborative workspace
• Co-working
• Home exchange
• Peer-to-peer property rental
• Time banks
• Bartering
• Book swapping
• Clothes swapping
• Fractional ownership
• Freecycling
• Peer-to-peer renting
• Bike sharing system
• Carpool/Ride sharing
• Carsharing
• Real-time ridesharing
• Share taxi
• Share parking space
• Transfer cars

Today, however was about sharing a talent or skill, clothing, books, teaching how to do something. It was a wonderful day to share, chat with others to learn more what they were doing. I enjoyed the couple who were teaching people how to make pancakes and banana bread using solar.
making solar pancakes

Jennifer was showing people core strengthening excercises, as Wendy and I watched her we were building up a sweat.

Wendy is from the city of Palo Alto – talking about the new composting program, that many residents don’t know about.

Kathy Bibby, who was doing hand massages with oils.

There was a table of give aways – I picked up a few canning jars..been looking for those for awhile. I guess I had better get started canning. Books, magazines plants, lamps, hangers, fabrics, balls of yarn and nick knacks.

Since I’ve been learning more about Tapping – healing my own pain..I shared this with a few people. I was grateful to the people who let me practice on them..sharing Robert Smith’s Faster EFT videos. You know what it was harder than I thought it was to show someone else how to do it. It was all good. I’d Love to start a tapping circle.

It was a fun day!

I know I spoke to my UU minister and he said, it would be great to have one at the church in the fall.. This is a great idea..I hope you will consider of having one too!

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