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Why Freight Containers are Trending

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Why freight containers are trending is that they are recyclable and sustainable containers. They are becoming the best homes for the homeless or people who want to live off grid and for food businesses.

a brew pub container
The picture above is a brew pub..

As the kitchen Incubator movement grows more and more kitchens are needed for the Speciality Food Business sector explodes. More people are finding ways to make money and want to try their hand a starting a Food Truck or develop a favorite recipe. It’s one thing to go out test your market, find customers, figure how how you are going to finance your business.. then comes the rude awakening that you need to have a commercial kitchen to run your business with.

prep kitchen

After exploring are variety of ways to start the Kitchen Incubator – light industrial buildings are hard to come by and in areas that a kitchen can be zoned for.

I met Matt who runs a burger place in Hillside, downtown San Francisco and spoke to him about his cool kitchen. It’s a freight container converter into a commercial kitchen. He shared with me how he got it going, who to contact and why they built his container the way they did. Not only was there his burger place, there were other businesses set up in containers as well. A bicycle shop, a brew pub, coffee, ice cream place – a kitchen prep and washroom all on this city corner street. Matt, said, “That at some point they will all have to move off the city block, all they have to do is unscrew it and move the container to another location.”

The freight containers are a real alternative in finding the perfect building to build out a kitchen incubator. Now, we just have to find some land where we can expand one container at a time as we grow. Of course when designing the kitchen project, it will be designed for this growth.. I figured to begin, just need 8 containers – as you will use one for a cooler, a freezer, dry storage space, prep, cooking, baking, a washroom etc.. It’s becoming much more doable and far less expensive.

washroom container

As one of my friends said, you could build a real compound that leaves space for a garden, kitchens, outdoor events etc.. the vision is still there just perhaps a little smaller.

Looking forward in helping more food businesses, of whom help build the local economy, as we all got to eat.

Thanks for sharing your story Matt…you have inspired me!

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