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10 Ways to Invest in Marketing

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These 10 ways to invest in marketing your food business. If you aren’t marketing your business services and products, then who knows about you and what your offer?

Seeds to grow

Every business needs to be promoted and implement a marketing strategy to become all that you want it to be. Some people think marketing is an expense – it’s not it’s an investment. Yes, you read this right. In order to have long term success you need to invest in your business besides making your product it needs help to get into the hands of your customer.

1. Be your own Marketing Manager until you can afford to hire someone to take over. Marketing leads to sales. Spend 80% of your time marketing 20% making your products.

2. Create your own customized Marketing Strategy – not every business is the same, nor should it be.

3. Pick your customer base. You may discover you want to do wholesale as well as retail. Be focused.

4. Go to networking events both within your industry and outside – you never know who will become a customer, a referral partner or someone to collaborate with. Attend Slow Money meetings, look on MeetUp and see if there is a group near you.

5. Sign-up for Pop-up Tastings or ways that will help you to expand your reach – Don’t be afraid of doing tastings. Yes, there is a cost – look at what Costco does – do they sell the food items? Yes they do! I call this “The 5-minute Bite.“TM.

6. Become a Merchant on Paid2Save it costs you nothing until someone redeems your offer. Let me know, I can help you get on it.

7. Volunteer – get on committees -share your expertise and learn new skills.

8. Accept gift cards – sign-up for Credibles Program, they support local food businesses. They offer people to pre-pay on their card and buy from local producers.

9. Blog – be sure to have a blog, where you can write stories and share what your company is up to. Give tips. Offer people to sign up for a newsletter or get updates from you.

10. Create a V.I.P. program..there are wine clubs, food clubs,

Join the Food Producers Coop – you’ll get all the above and much more.

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The Application form to join the Food Producer Coop

What tips or ideas do you want to share, what’s helped you?

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