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Creating an Incubator

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Creating an incubator for the Producer Cooperative it’s a Membership based organization, based on the idea of supporting and providing resources for Food Startups.

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When we can assist heart-centered Food Entrepreneurs to help them to build a foundation for their businesses success they are more successful. In an environment where there is support collaboration, communication to help our members to take the next step in their passion of serving and helping others.

By offering a place of community in which we can support and help each other it a key component in being successful.

Food 4 Social Change is about creating a Incubator for people who want to use their food ideas for social change. How do you implement it all? The biggest challenge is have the direction and resources to do get started.

When I started Sedona Pies, this was my intention of using the pies as a product to feed the hungry. Thus, my tagline was “Feed the hungry one pie at a time.” I also had a vision of having a kitchen in which I could teach youth or hire challenged people to make pies, learn a skill or trade and have an operational commercial bakery that had many deliverables to it.

How do you get started with your Food idea to create a business?

There are many people who I get calls from, people asking me,”How did you get started and where can I go?” Truthfully, there isn’t a dedicated incubator so you can get started with a food product. When you are a start-up the funds may be limited and the resources aren’t always available. Yes, you can go to Score, or online to develop a business plan. Even though most states in the USA, now have a Home-cottage Law, this only applies to Baked Goods or non-hazardous foods. It’s a great start however anything out of this category doesn’t qualify.

The Producer Cooperative is not just about an incubator for start-ups it will be teaching and training to serve new start-ups also an operate a retail outlet/Cafe. Our start-ups can sell their products at the retail store. Plus, there will be many opportunities to expand, learn and make a difference in their local community.

The challenges of foodie start-ups is having continual support, resources, connections and tools so they can get the funding they need to grow and prosper with their business idea.

When they join us as a member they will have access to resources, training, through the Library. Attend networking events to meet other like-minded people, take advantage of expos and other marketing incentives.

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