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Farmer+Chef+Producer Tasting Pop-Up

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Farmer+Chef+Producer Tasting Pop-up is coming up please share the event with your friends.


Download the PDF here..
FarmerChefProducer.pdf It’s the same as the picture in the post.

We have some great things lined up..for everyone.. still working on the final details.. will release them as they are finalized.

One of the groups I’ve been working on for the past year – to End Hunger and Homelessness – based out of Hayward, CA. Armand and Marcy just has a class on making jam. They made blackberry jam from gleaned fruit. The berries came from local and community gardens. (I didn’t get a jar, darn it!) Twice a month they teach cooking classes to the people who pick up their food from the pantry. At this Jam Fest – I met four young high school kids who are working on growing a garden at their local high school.

We know things are shifting and moving to a greater awareness to really end hunger and homelessness. We still have a way to go.

I see the Pop-up Tasting an opportunity for you the vendor/ producer to expose your food creations to the public and to suppliers who will now know more about you. Yes, you can join a farmers market, sometimes it’s just hard to get into them. Who do you contact when you want to reach out to buyers?

The goal is to offer this event two times a year.. Fall and Spring. It began as a group of food entrepreneurs were talking about wouldn’t it be great if we could have a tasting or event where were could showcase our food at one place rather than, us trying to reach to individuals one person at a time. There was just a bit of a challenge – to find someplace to host it.


Joe@ The Craftsman – said, he wanted his restaurant to become the place to have food events. As Joe and I spoke, he also wants to build up the SoMa district in San Jose, CA. It’s not a place where people live – it’s a wonderful Art & Restaurant area.

I know you will really enjoy the event – all the things Food 4 Social Change is involved with. Stay tuned. Subscribe to the blog or our event list.

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