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Want more customers?

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If you want more customers, then you need to think, act and do from outside the box.

Great space available

Don’t limit your possibilities by saying no all the time. Practice saying YES more often.

Even though I have this fabulous idea of building a commercial kitchen space to help other food entrepreneurs so they don’t have to close their businesses like I did in 2012. (I was going through a personal challenge) – I found myself saying no to a lot of things..as my vision for the kitchen was a priority. It still is, however, I also needed to be able to meet my personal bills.

What does this have to do with getting more customers?

Sometimes we just have to let go or pivot from what we are doing to truly make it happen for us.

Teach yourself to say Yes, more often – do have discernment of what people are offering you, if it’s an idea that you have tried many times over and it didn’t work, learn from it and do it again. If it’s a whole brand you idea and it’s within your budget then give it a try. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes..just learn from them.

Whatever you do in your marketing or sales efforts you just need to keep track of the results. Not every tactic you do is going to work for you and everyone else. It might be just that one word that makes a difference for someone who reads it.

What I found for myself in regards to the kitchen I just let it go..in the amount of energy I was putting into it, what I discovered was I found a really cool different way to build a kitchen which would be far less expensive. Then I started asking people if they would like to sit on Steering Committee for the Producer Coop. Yes, many have dropped off..add two, lose one.. I know the right people will want to help me along with other passionate food producers or not to join the Steering Committee. (I’ve learned things take longer than expected)

Finding ways to get more customers means sometimes keep doing what you are doing and let it go.. Miracles do happen. Shifts happen, you’ll be more open to new ideas to help you to get more customers or move your project along further. You’ll find yourself saying a lot more YES’s too!

I hope this was a little inspiration for you..I found a wonderful service that will help you to get more customers it’s called Paid2Save. You can list your business with an offering for free. What’s so cool about it is, you have control of the offers you list, you’ll get the Analytics to find out who is buying, who responds or doesn’t. Guess what? It’s FREE – An app that promotes you for free. Just go to:

Just say YES to this offer..you never know who will love your food and order more often from you.

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