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Your Wages are now a Commodity

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Yes, your wages are now a commodity – you’ve likely figured out, that you are becoming poorer not richer.

Marco Vangelisti Marco Vangelisti

The less companies have pay in wages the more money they make and the less you make. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? I believe that most of us know something is wrong, perhaps feel un-empowered to do anything about it. What I learned today there are many things we can to help ourselves and by getting involved in our own communities to make changes to happen.

6 Things you can do now:
1. Change your bank account from a BIG Bank to a Credit Union or a State Bank.
2. Support restaurants that pay a living wage. Get the app ROC
3. Shop at local stores more and less at the BIG box stores.
4. Shop at the Farmers Markets – get to know the people you buy from.
5. Get involved in your community organizations
6. Register and learn more in this series

To have more money you either have to work harder or command a higher wage or price for your knowledge. Wages or commodity. I don’t know about you I think it’s time to explore some new approaches — to create an economic system that is sustainable. Not only for the bottom 99%, for nature, climate change and even the 1%’ers.

Marco Vangelisti gave a very interesting talk today about our economic system, how it works and how we can pull together to create a sustainable economic system.

What you need to know is how to shift towards a socially just, environmentally sound and compassionate society. In the face of increasing economic instability, building a resilient, enduring and equitable local economy is vital.

From public banking to demurrage systems to alternative currencies and locavesting, new ideas are springing up around the country – and the world.

The 3rd part is next Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015
Topic: Our Financial System
Time: 12 noon – 2 pm
Location: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City, 2124 Brewster Ave., RWC

This series is sponsored by the Social Action and Adult Education committees of the Redwood City Unitarian Fellowship and Transition Palo Alto.

Register: http://bit.ly/EK4Transition A $10 donation is requested at registration, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

A light lunch will be served and child care is available. Your registration will help us plan for your attendance.

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