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10 Ways to Get More Customers

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10 Ways to Get More Customers, investors, fans and the like it’s a challenge for most small businesses.

There are many solutions to this problem, however what I find is sometimes, a new idea comes up and we instantly discount it. Why?

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Here’s 10 ways in which you can get more customers:
1. Social Media Promotions
2. Advertising in magazines
3. Networking
4. Sponsorships
5. Tastings
6. Doing events or even donating to them
7. Fundraising for your favorite cause
8. Develop a website and sell on line
9. Collaborate with others
10. Use mobile marketing..

Speaking of mobile marketing.. this tool speaks for itself – and you know what’s so cool about it? You’ll get access to the analytics of who’s buys from you and how to entice them to come back for more.

Let me help you get started using mobile marketing – it’s the wave of the future for you and your customers to shop with you. I’ll work with you to get more customers.

Why not be part of the 6,000 national merchants onboard – there are only 3,600 local businesses. Just think about this for a moment – over 100,000 people are looking for your kind of business, whether it’s to cater a party, eat healthier, save their family money or entertain guests. It’s all up to you!!

Once you watch this video..contact me and I’ll help you go further.

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