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Growing Pains

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Growing pains are present in every business, whether you are starting out or expanding we always seek some answers to our problems.

growing pains

Business Incubators are wonderful programs that help Entrepreneurs start, expand and grow their businesses. They provide mentors, workshops to help new business owners the same as Entrepreneurs to learn and educate themselves how to do the above. It doesn’t matter where you are in your business – there are times when we all seek help or resources to help our businesses and ourselves to grow.

In order for Food 4 Social Change to move forward, I’ve discovered several things and have learned a lot in perusing a commercial kitchen to help food entrepreneurs – in January it will be two years of me working on it.

People ask me all the time, where is it going to be built? At first, it was Fremont, then perhaps Hayward, then South Bay, now we are just being open to a location. A shared kitchen is needed in so many places that we could actually have several kitchen compounds everywhere. Rather, than seeking a light industrial building – (very hard to come by) plus it has a BIG price tag. $500,000 to $1 Million dollars to build out. We are seeking partners to help us to fund and develop land by using converted containers. Much less of a cost to build out.

Food 4 Social Change will become an Incubator online.. it will provide and have available information, resources and links to help you to get the help you need to go through your growing pains.

The way we are going to structure this is: Non-member products and services and a Member version.

We hope you join us!

Here’s some suggested topics:

• Help with business basics
• Networking activities
• Marketing assistance
• Help with accounting/financial management
• Links to strategic partners
• Training programs
• Help with business etiquette
• Tools to make your work easier
• Help with health regulations
• Insurance, permits

What topics would be of interest to you?

Let us know so we can be of service to you.

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  1. Roger Dvorak
    | Reply

    Trying to find a commercial kitchen in Iowa. Not much luck so far. May have to get a group of people together and build our own.

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