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Happy Holidays, 2016

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Happy Holidays to you for 2016! Keep pushing for your dreams and wishes.

xmas tree
This christmas tree took two guys 40 hours each to decorate. It reminds me of how often it takes a team to develop a business, a project even decorate a tree. It takes patience, support, encouragement, a willingness to ask for help and yet with asking, the willingness to keep moving forward in the no’s or not. I have a friend who would say to me, when I was doing some painting – push it! I really didn’t know what she meant by this.. I get it now!

What are your favorite traditions at Christmas?
* Gathering with friends and family
* Presents giving and receiving
* Holidays – Travel
* Giving – Volunteering
* Having fun
* Going to church or not
* Singing – choirs
* Hibernate

If you remember that saying “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” It’s a reminder that you are are special and unique. Thank you for being you.

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P.S. Would love to hear what your favorite traditions are on the Facebook page.

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