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Supporting Affordable Housing

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We are supporting affordable housing, as a basic need everyone deserves it and it should be affordable meaning being able to pay for it.

Container housing
Working in partnership with the Unitarian Universalists who started to have projects about social justice like, community gardens – partnered with LEAF one year, then Mental health, now have a clinic to get healthier care.This year we have been having educational forums about affordable housing. This just isn’t for the homeless it’s for all the residents of Fremont, who include teachers, nurses, retail and hospitality workers. Every city is having their challenges what are the city planners or churches or other organizations doing about it? The building developers aren’t interested in building affordable housing.. There are too many greedy landlords too!

In Fremont, it seems to have been left up to the citizens to rise up and organize themselves before presenting to the city council. This is what we have been doing, we aren’t just going to talk about it, we are forming committees to do something about it. Inspired action is needed.

If this is something you are passionate it about, or it is affecting you personally, then come join this meeting – sign-up for a committee get active. I know that what usually happens is 20% of the people do the work and 80% of the people benefit from it. The time is not to complain, the time is to vote by taking action with us.

Housing may look like an ADU’s – secondary housing, co-housing project and Tiny Home Communities. Not only will we be helping those who don’t have a home now, we’ll be helping YOU and your family to be able to better housing arrangements. There is a guy who has a family of 6 they are living in a 2 bedroom apartment.. it’s too small for them, year they can’t afford to pay more than $2,500 per month. A gal in our church, has to move out, because her landlord raised the rent from $1,700.00/month to $2,500.00/month for a 2 bedroom. Many churches are seeing a loss of their members because of the housing crunch. Businesses can’t hire people locally because, the people can’t afford to live here. The cycle goes on.

If you are on the city council we ask you to join us or get behind our coalition to say “Yes I stand for them. I’m with them.”

The meeting is FREE, we just ask you to register your attendance.

Thank you
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