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Ready to Make a Difference with a Producer Coop

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Ready to make a difference? If so we invite you to join our steering committee as we form the Producer Cooperative.

producers coop

What services will we be providing?

++ Business Development – which is Marketing & Sales
++ To provide encouragement and support, as you know it’s tough

Ready to make a difference in your community or even just your business?

The producer coop is what is going to work for you. To be surrounded by other businesses who are starting and growing. Why not be around people that are positive and helpful?
++ Giving workshops on topics that you need to know about and
that you want to know about
++ Kitchen rentals
++ Supporting the local economy with jobs and living wages
++ As a member you get a vote and share in the profits of what
the coop makes.
++ As the coop grows we can offer more services and benefits

Are you passionate about making a difference? Want to change your community for the better? Then we want to talk to you!

Here’s the outline for the Board of Directors strategy to get the coop developed fully.BoardofDirectors.timeline.7.15.

We are a team of two right now, seeking more people who want more for themselves and their greater community.

Why would you want to join us?
+ To help build a local economic base
+ Collaboration in developing a food community
+ Expand your contacts – share your expertise
+ To Make a difference
+ You are seeking an opportunity to give back

Look forward in speaking with you soon!

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