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Everything is working out

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Everything is working out, this is my mantra these days as I continue to hold the vision for the kitchen incubator to come into view.

Thank you

What has happened over the last 4 weeks or so, I shared with a friend that another friend suggested that the kitchen runs under a non-profit. I wasn’t really open to this idea in the beginning, like my friend Marshall said, “it’s all in how you write your mandate or articles of incorporation.” Since the kitchen is offering educational programs it would fit under a non-profit status. A profit group approached me to let me know that I could run the Kitchen Incubator as a project under their non-profit. Cool!

Now, approaching people to be on the board for the kitchen incubator. If this something you would be interested in. Or maybe you know of someone who would be. If not you, I know while everything is working out, other people will be coming forward. We’ll have fun, collaborate and really make a difference in so many ways.

The Specialty Food Show, was a great place to see how the kitchen could help many food start-ups to grow their businesses. By offering food entrepreneurial classes for those who would like to be in the Specialty Food show or other outlets. It really depends on the model you decide to use to get started. Things may shift as you grow, get insights and discover new things about yourself and your food business. Just like I did with Sedona Pies.

It’s important that a person has a chance to begin in the right place to get the guidance and direction they need to get started. Mistakes and failures are all part of the process. However, wouldn’t it be nice to learn from others who have gone before them?

Look for classes coming up about starting your own food business. I’ll be working on this while we develop the Kitchen Incubator.

In the meantime, keep dreaming of what you want in your life – visualize it and just keep believing it.

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