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Crowdfunding for Food Projects

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Crowdfunding for food projects is a challenge, there are some really good services and some that may not work well for you to get funded.

Getting money for a food business is one on the hardest things to get funding for, one thing is for sure banks are not giving loans to restaurants or anything to do with food. I remember when I first got started with the idea of building a kitchen incubator, my bank at the time said, if you are going to do a Crowdfunding project, we can’t help you. What about SBA loans? They will work with you, however, they are a last resort, you have to be turned down from a couple of banks. Their funding is provided by some banks and the federal agencies.

Where can you go?

FoodStart.com say they are a portal for Restaurants, Bars, Breweries, Bakeries and Cafes.Most of the projects are Food Trucks.

Pieshell.com is one of my favorites. A place to fund ideas for food + drink – and everything in between. PieShell is a crowdfunding site for food + beverage entrepreneurs. Big or small, restaurant or truck, fresh or packaged, app or website, sparkling or still, you’ll find people here who share your passions and can help get your project onto the front burner.

Credibles.co is another on of my favorites. Sedona Pies is on this platform.Credibles goes beyond mainstream crowdfunding. It’s ongoing support of local business and a stronger relationship between the business and customers. The upfront payments are paid back in-kind – as edible credits. We call them Credibles. Check out Sedona Pies offer.

Foodfunded.us Food entrepreneurs and investors convene for a day of educational workshops and live investment presentations to catalyze the funding flow for food ventures. It’s an event sponsored by Slow Money. TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017 GOLDEN GATE CLUB PRESIDIO SAN FRANCISCO.

Kiva.org is another way of Crowdfunding, only it is loan based on your social network, you now get get a loan up to $10,000. In the beginning, you get a loan for $5,000 max, when you paid that back then you could apply for the higher amounts. Now they have opened it up to $10,000 on the first try. The loans start at $25. no interest is paid. Kiva is a 501(c)3 U.S. nonprofit fueled by passionate people. Founded in 2005, and based in San Francisco, with offices in Nairobi and staff around the globe.

I’ve likely missed a few crowdfunding sites these are the ones I recommend that you check out first.

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