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Relationship Marketing & Sales Workshops

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Relationship Marketing & Sales Workshops are going to be educational and you’ll learn a lot about growing your business. Success starts here.

success starts here

As in any business start-up, besides being in production, 80% of your time needs to be spent on marketing. How do you do your marketing if you don’t have a mission statement – this is your why am I doing my business. Perhaps, you are missing a marketing plan or strategy in how you are going get to the result you really want to have? Some people doing like this aspect, they would rather create and not get to the front lines fo getting the sales into the door.

There are many Guru’s out there who tell you to do this or that, they all likely work for certain businesses. I am not going to discount them. As we are all drawn to a type of person, their energy or the message they are delivering. It’s all good.

One of the things for Food 4 Social Change at some point was to offer workshops, and other educational programs to help the food start-up. There are many, food- startups who are like artists, the makers who specialize in something special, just don’t like being in front doing the marketing and sales. They are relationship based people. They care as they make something from their heart to yours.

By introducing educational workshops about Marketing & Sales and anything in-between that is of interest to you we will explore. Hearing a message from someone else is usually more effective than listening, your mom or dad or a friend.

One of the first things or topics will be developing your ideal customer/client/member. Who are they? These people are the life-blood of your business. If you are, floundering or getting sales great! The question is how can you repeat that or not?

Let’s imagine you have a magic wand. And with that magic wand, you can make ANYTHING happen to your business. What would you pick to have or do?

Join us by adding your name to Food 4 Social Change list, this list is separate from the RSS, if you are subscribed to our blog posts you will need to join us for the educational workshops as well.

I am gifting you as well an e-book on Relationship Marketing when you sign up. You’ll receive this as a download once you have double opt-in. Which basically says you’ll get a link to confirm your address. Please add our address to your address book, otherwise, you’ll miss our notifications of what is up next.

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