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So glad you found us..what Food 4 Social Change is about and how we can be of service to you.

Seeds to grow

+ If you are a Food Startup, you’ve come to the right place.
+ If you want to start your own food business and don’t know how to go about it,  you are at the right place.
+ If you are feeling lost or you just would like a community to belong to, you are at the right place.

The Vision
The big vision is to become a community by bringing people together back to the kitchen. To empower each person to stand up and be a part of a bigger whole in our food communities.

Our Vision

Started January 2015 to create a Kitchen Incubator, would you like to join us? Do you want to help? You can also join our Conversation Cafe – we meet monthly on the 2nd Saturday of each month..Just subscribe to the event list and you will get notified.

If you are seeking a real opportunity to make a difference in the in the food community then this is your sign post.

sign post

Culinary Skills Program
We’ll be assisting the homeless, ex-cons, youth@risk who many in our society would rather forget or don’t want to know about or just don’t know about how to help. What Food 4 Social Change wants to do is to provide support and encouragement in moving forward in their career and life, by providing a culinary skills program.

The Accelerator Program
It’s a business development program dedicated to Food Startups, the wanna be’s, Chef’s this will allow our members to be prepared for scaling up their business. As there is so much to learn. when you get to the place where you feel overwhelmed – don’t know what to do next, call us!

Just take a deep Breathe –

Our mentors and teachers who have been there, gone before you will help you get to the next level, the next stage to help your grow your hobby or business further.

The Kitchen Hub
A shared kitchen space where you rent space in a commercial kitchen for food production.

Life is wonderful! You are loved! You are meant to give and share your gifts whatever they are. Keep the Faith.

We hope to learn more about you, how we can help you start and expand your food business.

Thank you for learning About us at Food 4 Social Change

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