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Become a Founding Member of the Producer Cooperative, if you are a farmer, a value-added producer, specialty maker or even an artist you are all welcome.

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Our Vision:
To create jobs by supporting food entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams in turn we will have a bold and vibrant business community.”

As a member of the cooperative – you have responsibilities and opportunities.

f4sc-brochure.7.15.2 which will tell you a lot more what to expect and the benefits of joining the Producer Coop.

For the most part is getting help in your business development, fellowship, joining a gang that will propel you forward.

Once you are a member we’ll update you on our progress, what’s new, you’ll receive a calendar of events, a welcome package, what services are offered and how you can participate in making this your home and a vibrant business community.

Email alerts are delivered via MailChimp. Be sure to leave us your name and email address on the success page and add us to your address book.

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