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Welcome to Food 4 Social Change.

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At Food 4 Social Change, the vision is to create a Kitchen Hub an incubator for the food community. A Public Marketplace, where we can offer fresh produce, vegetables, dairy – cheese, bread, a bakery, a coffee bar, butcher shop, independent shops and merchants.

The Kitchen Hub will rent out kitchen space for food businesses, offer cooking classes, a culinary program for the dis-infranchised, a cafe, the incubator part will be a business development program to help food entrepreneurs to launch their products and services. Host pop-up dinners, fundraising events all food related of course. Farm to table experiences. Even as I write this I am still surprised of how many people think their food comes from Safeway. Ok, you buy it their. Without the farmer, producer and the value-added makers there truly would not be any food.

THE MISSION: “To transform people and businesses”

VISION: “To create jobs by assisting food entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams of a bold and vibrant business community”.

To learn more about the benefits of Food 4 Social Change read this.

Thank you!
Mari-Lyn Harris