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Community is about believing there is good in the world, engaging with members and the local community at large.

We all need an entourage or tribe
Your Tribe

It’s important that we come together as a community to celebrate, to learn and explore how we all can help one another and make a difference. You’ll notice my theme is about making a difference. M.A.D. It’s usually always about the little things we can do for each other.

We’ll be posting our own events along with ones we support. Do come back often we are planning a full year of what’s happening in the Food Producers world. We all have many ideas and things to create to bring people closer together. Like tasting events, marketing services, fundraising events, sharing our bounty with each other and those not so fortunate.

Besides paying it forward, I am reminded that it’s usually the little things that make a difference in anyone’s world.

What is coming up next. Be sure to check back often..or even opt-in for the events calendar or the RSS feed.

Look forward in sharing with you soon!

To Your Success!

Mari-Lyn Harris