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Application for the business incubator designed especially for food startups.


These questions are for our committee members to review and decide if we are ready for you and if you are ready for us. The program is delivered twice a week for three months. Once you submit your application, we’ll confirm we got it. We’ll call you to set up a time so you can tell us why you want to be in the Business Incubator.

Here is an Partner Agreement

Create a video about your company that you want to start and include your vision statement.

What is your vision?

What is motivating you to start a food business/product?

How does your company make society more informed, connected, and/or empowered? Why does your product/service matter?

Who is your customer? 
Vividly describe the person (audience/user/customer) who will use/buy your product/service and the context in which they will use it. If you have a food product/service we still want to know more about it.

Who will ultimately pay for your product/service?

What do you hope to accomplish in this three month program?

Send your answers to the application to: contact (at) food4socialchange (dot) com.

Thank you,
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