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The Interview Series is for Change Agents. The intention is to interview 100 Social Change Agents as a way to support propel making a difference.

How did this came about? There are Tele-summits, Tele-conferences and various product launches out in the marketplace..I wanted to do something different. Not that this has not been done before..In getting launched what could I do to get started, you know the “What’s next?” question. How can I help someone else. How can I pay it Forward?

The idea behind the Interview Series is just to find out more about you and your product or service that is making a difference in the world. You may be just starting out and seekin-g a leg up to promote you. You want more people to know more about you. With this, I hope that you say YES, I am ready to be known.

There isn’t a fee to be interviewed, however I do want to know more about you before we set a time to chat. Please fill out this form below and someone will contact you to make the arrangements for your Interview.

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