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We are working on creating some innovative products & services for our members and the community.

Services, food

The Producer Coop that has been visioned for more than a year will come together. I would like to see one in the South East Bay area ideally..but then it will depend up the one place where everything will happen. Yah! Become a member of the cooperative, you’ll have so much fun with us!

The Food Startup Incubator – The more people I speak to the more help people seem to need especially in their marketing. The Food Startup program will consist of several topics starting with what you need to get started with a food product, marketing, business development and how to get ready to crowd fund or get money from other sources.

Events not sure if you would call them a service – we’ll be having a few of these of course, like garden to table dinner parties, culinary cooking classes, working parties in the communities that we serve, business networking for food entrepreneurs.. got an idea? Share it with us!

See you soon!

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