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About our kitchen rentals, a food truck, you are just starting out, or you are ready to scale up or you are just seeking a new place to call home.


The biggest challenge people say to me, “It’s hard to find a kitchen that can meet my needs.” You are right, not every kitchen can, this is where we hope to be better and different than other kitchens. If you are a Food Truck, a Caterer, a Chef or speciality food producer, then Let’s chat about it.

To work in the kitchen you will have to be a member of the cooperative, plus have all the state licenses and meet our requirements.

The requirements are:
** A Food Managers Food Safety Certificate
** $1 million of business liability insurance with Food 4 Social Change on it as a rider
** A business license
** A sales permit
(we can help you get all your forms together)
** Membership paid in full – This is for the Producer Cooperative.

Scheduling of the kitchen space will be 24/7 in six (6) hour shifts. There will be four (4) shifts in a 24 hour period. Booked at 2 weeks in advance, a minimum of one six (6) hour shift. First come, first booked.

Fees: Kitchen rental fees will still apply. Starting at $15.00/hour and up.

If you have any further questions.. call us or fill out this form.
Office: 510-564-7880

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