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Got unused kitchen space? Food 4 Social Change is seeking partners, like restaurants, hotels, churches or community centers who have unused or under-utilized commercial kitchen space.

Great space available

We are launching a concept of working with established kitchens who have under-utilized or unused kitchen space. Food 4 Social Change wants to work with great people. With the help of Restauranteurs/Hotel owners or the organizations mentioned above, who would like additional revenue with an alternative way to become sustainable.

You’ll provide opportunities for Food Entrepreneurs to get started in making and developing their food products, do good in your community and who knows what kind of commerce you’ll do together? Food 4 Social Change Management will take care of the details. We know you have enough to look after much less another business or person.

If you are ready to get out of stress-ville and do good at the same time, Join the Food Entrepreneur Network, we’ll assist and support you. Now you can join the many businesses who are apart of the ‘BnB’s of Kitchens. Come join our community at Food 4 Social Change.

Just fill out this form, and we’ll contact you!

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Thank you!
Mari-Lyn Harris