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I hear food entrepreneurs say, “I’ve started my food business, now what?” or “How do I sell my food products.”

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Making your business to go forward, outward and upward, you need a plan in how you are going to expand.

With passion you’ve developed that secret sauce, the magic mix, the condiment collection, the final frittata, your special swirl – now what? Of course there are the legal things, the permits and licenses, the rent, etc., but do you have a strategy for getting the word out to the right people (customers) and getting more referrals?

Are you afraid of the unknown costs to do this?

Well, look no farther. We’ve designed to assist you with just those sorts of problems. We can help you overcome your fears, the time-killer procrastination, and all those excuses that keep you stagnant.

Our suggestions will include business collaborations, self-examination, maintaining focus, and building your self-confidence. We can look at other case studies as well as your own, learn from others’ experiences, analyze yours so that you can implement and nurture best practices.

That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? We can start with a 30-45 minute phone meeting to get clarity on your needs, your vision/dreams, etc. and outline where you want to see your business in the future.

Then, if we’re a fit, we’ll decide what the next course of action is to market and promote your products.

You might also be prepared to collaborate with other existing and budding complementary businesses. There are hundreds of entrepreneurs in this area eager to develop their own food business and I’d like to help you be part of the successful ones.

What are you waiting for? Book a 30 minute appointment to get your Marketing strategy started.

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We’ll spend some time together so I can learn more what you are wanting to achieve, I’ll help you find the Clarity and Direction so you can Grow into your vision.

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