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 Someone you ought to meet is for the shy and those who hate sales if you have more referrals you begin to love sales and make more money.
referrals = money

Photo by Shyla Roberts

Most Entrepreneurs are clueless in developing referrals. If you are in business for yourself, this is the easiest way to increase your revenue. Plus, you’ll have more friends.

A few years ago, power marketing used to be about just networking, belonging to as many groups as you can. Now, it’s much more about aligning yourself with people, developing relationships to grow your sales easily.

Someone you ought to meet is a workshop which I will show you how to meet people, develop referrals and partnerships. These relationships are a key component in your marketing & sales strategy.

What you will learn:
+ How to network and be awesome at it
+ Develop a plan in getting referrals easily
+ Getting sales from referral partners with a plan
+ The different types of referral partners you haven’t thought of before
+ How to track and be more productive
+ Who are the best people for you to work with

There are two kinds of sales people, the people that take their time to develop genuine relationships (the Farmer) and the other is (the Hunter) someone who throws their business cards around and expects you to buy from them. The farmer and the hunter wants the same thing except one will take the time to get to know people and the other one throws up on you giving you a sales pitch and you don’t even know them yet.

Which one would you prefer to be?

This is why “Someone you ought to meet,” it’s easy and fun to create more sales.

Got your attention?
                        Join the best tribe you’ll ever have.
                                Be a Rockstar!

Mari-Lyn Harris