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This new section of Social Impact Businesses will showcase the people who are making a social impact in their communities.

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I run across many groups who are either interested in meeting other likeminded people or want to share what kind of social impact people are doing. Of course we all need exposure or a way to get the message out of what we are doing.

Chuck Carroll was hired to write up a media piece for Sedona Pies and a couple of other women-owned businesses. It was written about how we are making a difference M.A.D. via our businesses. By sharing this article was to help us get the word out, soon I had other people wanting to be a part of it. The article is already 3 pages long.

You can read the whole media article: socialimpact-11-16

What I learned from other people who wanted to participate in this article was there are many kinds of giving back of making a difference and those who consider themselves of making a social impact. As I thought more about this, wondered if there is a way that we could collaborate by sharing and work together? It seems like a duh, so often we ourselves are already doing too much in our own businesses that trying to establish something else is beyond our bandwidth.

There is paying it forward with small acts of kindness, to giving a donation to a charity of their choice, or making it a part of their mission in their business. It’s totally ingrained in how they operate and how they make the impact.

A social impact is defined in a sentence “The effect of an activity on the social fabric of the community and well-being of the individuals and families.” was written by business dictionary.

This very good blog post about Sallie Krawcheckof Pax World has a women’s fund. The Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Index Fund..

On the following pages you can read about women who make a Social Impact with their businesses.

Mari-Lyn Harrs
If you want to be a part of this message – write your story or you can hire Chuck Carroll. Email it to me – once approved it will be published.

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